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Mini Melissa

We make every effort to give you accurate information regarding manufacturer reported sizing information for our products in our size guides.

Mini Melissa Size Chart


These charts are for reference only. Fit may vary depending on the construction, materials and style. These guides are not meant to be a perfect substitute for an actual fitting.


Please remember that babies' feet come in all shapes and sizes, and are constantly changing! The "Estimated Sizes by Age" column below was computed based on Bibi Brazil's experiences with its customers over the past 65 years.

Bibi Size Chart


In case you need to change the size of your item, please see our Shipping and Returns Policy.


For first time customers, we highly recommend trying/buying in our actual stores so you can personally fit a pair. To see the list of stores carrying Salt-Water Sandals in the Philippines, please click “Where to Buy.”

To find the right size, please choose the link below depending on which style you are purchasing. Please print the files 100% to scale (do not print "to fit page") using long bond paper and allow at least 1cm in front of your toes. If you are familiar with American sizes, please note Salt-Water Sandals are NOT TYPICAL US SIZES.


If you’re ordering Salt-Water Classic, Salt-Water Original, please download this size chart.

If you’re ordering Surfer, Shark, Swimmer, Sweetheart, please download this size chart.

Please read how each model fits in the descriptions below. These are general guidelines and of course your exact size and fitting will ultimately depend on your personal preference and the overall structure of your foot. Because these are open toed shoes people like to wear them differently (toes close to edge / not close too the edge!)

Kids shoes should NOT be purposefully bought larger in order to make the sandal "last longer" as the traditional fit of this brand is pretty roomy. With any of the sandals, should you get a sore spot, dunk your foot & sandal into water (yes really!) and wear them until they dry.

For more information on our Returns Policy, please follow this link.

The original Salt-Water sandal is very roomy. Fits comfortably wide. Before you put them on for the first time, stretch out the toe straps and gently bend the sole to ease. Best fitted with toes behind the stitch line. DO NOT oversize for children with the hope they will last longer.

A mini version of the surfer, complete with toe buckle & ankle strap. Adjustable front and back to fit wide or narrow feet. An extra slit in the toe strap gives extra flexibility for those just starting to walk.

A mini version of the Strappy. Adjustable ankle strap and flexible woven toe.

The Swimmer features a plaited leather toe with buckled ankle strap. Fits narrower than the Salt-Water Original, and as the front is non-adjustable, not the best for very narrow or wide feet.

This design has a woven semi-closed toe and heel. Fits shorter and narrower than most other models so please order at least a +1 in this size. Not the best for wider feet.

Your quintessential classic sandal. Adjustable buckle toe & ankle straps on a urethane sole. The best all round sandal for any shape foot.

The sweetheart is fully adjustable with buckled toe and ankle straps. Just as robust as the Surfer but a little bit girlier.

Freedom Moses

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